You Say You Want a Resolution

I like New Year’s Resolutions. December starts with birthdays for both me and my wife, it ends with the Christmas and New Year holidays, generally includes plenty of time off work and features an excess of good food and drink. Therefore, a moment of taking stock and working out how to make things a little better as I head into a new year always seems well timed and worthwhile. I won’t bore you with my list of specifics as I’m sure you have enough of your own; suffice to say that if you’re guessing that I need a more healthy diet, more exercise, and more control of my money, then you wouldn’t be a million miles away. However, over and above this I have one other resolution that I will share. A resolution that I am literally fulfilling right now… to write more. I’ve bought myself a page-a-day Moleskine diary for the immediate (possibly more private) things in life that I need to scribble down, but when the muse takes me to compose something more considered, I am planning to come here and fill up my WordPress blogs with words (and pictures). Perhaps I should tie myself down and commit to doing this every day because a “when-I-feel-like-it” approach might entice the lethargy to creep back in.

So, dear reader, if indeed you were to actually exist, you might find yourself asking me what should be expected here on the blogging front? Well, first things first, I have made all my previous posts and pages private, as this place has been dormant for so long that the other stuff that used to be found here has been rendered largely irrelevant. So, now you might get TV, movie and book reviews, a rant or two about the things that rile me, the occasional political comment, some sports talk, a few personal thoughts and insights about life and work, and, inevitably, lists. I do love a good list. Basically, anything where I need something more than a simple Tweet or Facebook post to get the message across. You can find me on Twitter or on my other blog, Demon’s Run, which is where all things Doctor Who reside (and for which I have about 27 Capaldi-led episode reviews still to write). Other than that, let’s just see how this blogging lark progresses and it’s nice to have you along.

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Blank Page

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