This Time, Baby, I’ll Be Bulletproof

So, in the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, one of them is, of course, like it is every year, to get a bit healthier. Consequently, here are the first two activities of my 2016 health quest. Firstly, I have signed up to the Sport Relief Mile. The Comic Relief / Sport Relief charity is one that I am always happy to support and I’ve done this run a couple of times before so it feels like the least I can do. Although the last time I did it I managed to get a foot injury known as plantar fasciitis, which I think was caused by rubbish shoes, so I may need a purchase of trainers at some point. In fact, there are three options for the Sport Relief Mile with 1-mile, 3-mile and 6-mile runs available; and I’ve signed up to the middle one. Thinking that running a single, solitary mile sounds a bit too easy, while a six-mile event would probably kill me. Mrs F has spent a few months on of those “couch to 5k” programmes and has been pretty successful at it. I think that this will be just about manageable and I’ll be even more motivated if you fancy sponsoring me 😉

The second healthy thing I’m doing has been thrust upon me with the arrival of a NutriBullet at Fazzinchi Towers. I wasn’t quite sure whether this was just a trendy blender that some marketing types had inflicted upon the world at an extortionate price and, having flicked through the instruction book, with its unsubstantiated and rather trite claims that within a few days you will see “extra room in the waistline of your pants, a glow to your skin, shiny hair, and a sparkle in your eye”, I was beginning to think my fears were well founded. After all, if you want shiny hair, use some bloody shampoo! However, after Mrs F snapped up a NutriBullet in the sales, it really does seem like a decent way to try and get my diet a bit closer to the requisite five-a-day because, at the moment, I couldn’t really be further away. I’ll give it a go anyway.



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