Just Because I’m Sorry Doesn’t Mean I Didn’t Enjoy It At The Time

So, back to work today and, with the regularity of the Monday to Friday, nine-to-five routine back in full swing, there is just time to reflect once again on the excess of the season just passed. You can look through the contents of your recycling bin like a archeological dig to analyse, from the discarded packaging, what really happened during those two weeks of sherry-addled festivities. Did we really get through four different varieties of paté and where did all those Pringle tubes come from? Although, if that is not enough for you to begin your annual guilt trip, the act of simply standing on the bathroom scales and looking down will have you digging out those New Year’s Resolutions one more time, and trying to see if it really is going to work out this year.

First things first, though… chocolate. I don’t know about you but I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, and probably a fundamentally self-destructive addiction to sugar to go with it. It’s now 7:30pm, I’ve not had my evening meal yet as Tesco haven’t delivered the online shop and I so I recall my entire consumption of food and beverage today; this amounts to a cheese and pickle sandwich at lunch time and two cups of regular coffee. To coin a phrase, my stomach feels like my throat’s been cut. I know in my head that this is good for me, but the rest of my body is screaming out for its daily dose of Quality Street. I feel that January is already going to be a long, hard month. However, the over-indulgence was sensational while it lasted and there is one confection, that I was given as a present, that has changed my entire outlook on what a good chocolate should taste like… “Heston’s Cocktail Chocolate Box”, exclusively from Waitrose. I’ve never shopped at Waitrose (even though I used to work there in my youth), but OMG these are worth a special trip to hunt them down again. Boozy choccies to die for, assuming I ever allow myself the cocoa bean again.



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