Don’t Want To Live Without You In My Life. I’m Spoiled

Last night I started watching the latest must-watch television series, following recommendations aplenty over recent weeks on all sorts of social media. The series in question is “Making a Murderer” from Netflix. Now, even though I had tonnes of recommendations for this series, the degree to which I remained unspoilt as I tuned in for episode one is evident from the fact that I didn’t even know it was a documentary. Last month, of course, the subject of spoilers was national news as the latest Star Wars movie hit the big screen and, again, I went into that 5 days after release and was blissfully unaware about much of what was to unfold, especially the “big” plot moment that people still talk about in hushed tones. Quite how I manage to remain blissfully unaware of these things while following and friending a whole bunch of pop culture people and sites on Twitter and Facebook and the rest, is properly surprising to me. May be it’s a sign that I either exclusively read the content of people who are similarly spoilerphobic to me, and/or that people are generally becoming more sensitive about these things as the world of “watching stuff” continues to become much more chaotic.

Speaking of which, that takes me back to the new series that I am watching. I will tell you absolutely nothing about it, other than these three, spoiler-free comments (a) I am four episodes into it, (b) I cannot wait for the chance to watch the fifth, (c) it is quite, quite compelling and a brilliantly constructed series as good as any scripted drama.



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